Mark 6

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A flexible system that delivers solid results

Car-O-Liner’s Mark 6 is a mobile bench system with the added convenience of drive-on mounting. It’s designed around the idea that the more flexible a collision repair system is, the more productive it will be.

With a series of configurations to choose from, Mark 6 means flexibility in getting the combination of equipment best suited to your business. You can even build a system of your own using a combination of benches and accessories (all accessories are interchangeable). And you can update your Mark 6 system as your needs grow.

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Quick 42

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The multifaceted bench for both cosmetic
and structural damages.

Quick 42’s optimized platform is capable of handling everything from light cosmetic damage to heavy structural repairs – competitively priced to expedite your Return On Investment.

With over 90 % of collision repairs being cosmetic in nature, the “Lean-design” of the Quick 42 bench system is capable of processing simpler cosmetic damage and the more difficult structural damage repairs in less time.

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SPEED is perfect for well-equipped collision repair shops ...

Realign cosmetic sheet metal damage and perform other repair and service operations in a single setup with SPEED. It improves the workflow be cause the movement of the car between work stations is not necessary. This increases efficiency and improves turn around time benefitting the work shop as well as insurers and vehicle owners.

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Rack up the profits

The BenchRack combines drive-on convenience with a hydraulic lift and removable ramps. A revolutionary tilt feature that makes loading easier when approach space is limited is available on all BenchRack models.

All BenchRacks share a single purpose: they allow for faster set-up times, repairs and inspections. To give you more productivity – more profits.

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The EVO system

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Go for EVO-lution

New car models and new materials require new ways of measuring, aligning and repairing crashed vehicles. Fierce competition and tougher requirements from the auto industry, insurance companies and car owners place rigorous demands on today’s bodyshops, including a quality certified process – from the first damage assessment right through to repair and delivery. It’s a job requiring thorough documentation. These demands can only be met by investing in advanced measuring systems such as the new “EVO” and “Car-O-Tronic Vision X3”. An investment that could turn yours into a leading bodyshop.

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Workshop solutions

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A LEAN innovative work cell to enhance productivity and profitability.

Many years of impressions from the market and from several different tailor-made solutions and other useful ideas have now resulted in:
• Professional display panels with sturdy construction
• Attractive inventory control panels
• Great work environment
• Time saving to enhance productivity and profitability
• Create your own display or use preset tool outline templates.

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Car-O-Liner's offers a wide range of accessories of premium quality. Images below shows B73 Truck clamping & support system that lets you anchor and repair every compact truck, pickup, van and sport utility vehicle on the road.

Followed images shows T10 et T11, the Car-O-Liner universal clamp system with accessories is the most versatile clamping system you can buy. It’s unique design allows you to set up and pull from almost any angle around the vehicle and the multi-purpose clamps will grip tight to save you time and energy.

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