CTR 12000

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Fully automatically spot welding machine

Fully automatic process-regulated, multiple function spot welding machine with medium frequency inverter operation and water cooling, designed for the repair of vehicle bodywork -particularly of components made of high- or maximum stregth and also coated and laminated steel panels - with clear quality assurance regarding welding process (welding results).

• Automatic recognition of total sheet thickness via Pulse-Sonar-System
• Automatic recognition of material type (normal / high strength) via Virtual Generator
• Automatic definition of lens diameter via total energy input

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CR 530X

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13 000 Ampere Inverter Spot Welder!
The CR530 has a water cooled high pressure X-tong. The Inverter Spot Welder is designed for quality-minded body shops to provide quality spot welds with all new high-strength steels and welding processes. Unmatched in power, intelligence and versatility.
Hight Pressure water cooled X-Tong 7 bar-500 daN (120 mm arm)
Prepared for OEM programs and parameters
Electrode pressure settings in the display
Water cooled transformer
Water cooled electrodes

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Drill for spotwelds

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Easy drilling with an automatic system.
The depth can be easily regulated by means of the red positioning ring and checked by moving the counter-stay backwards. With the yoke fitted, the drill moves automatically to­wards the spot weld when the trigger is depressed to half-way position. Drilling is carried out using even pres­sure down to the depth set. This unique automatic method makes drilling safe, and extends the working life of the drill.
Ergonomically designed
The drill is pistol-shaped and operated one-handed. The ergonomic design provides a natural working position. A low vibra­tion level minimises the risk of injury.

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CH 37

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Your torchless heating solution!

The advantage of using induction technology is that there is no open flame. The High Power CH37 can be used in the same way as a gas torch, but without destroying nearby parts. There are 5 power levels together with the unique regulation and control system to avoid overheating.

Will heat through rubber or plastic
Will not damage nearby heat sensitive parts
Total power control, by the unique regulation- and control system
No open flame
User-friendly front panel with five power control levels

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CMI 3000

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The Car-O-Liner CMI3000 welding machine has been developed for competitive quality welding sheet metals in the increasingly complex steels and aluminium alloys. An intelligent, compact MIG/MAG pulse welding machine with userfriendly control panel allowing the welder to focus on the welding.

The integrated MigaCARD® will always allow the welder to adjust settings of the Car-O-Liner CMI3000. Data from Car-O-Liner’s data bank is being continuously improved and updated, will always provide the Car-O-Liner CMI3000 user with the latest news in materials, wires and gases.

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Resistance welders overview and accessories

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The below downloadable product sheets shows the features and benefits of our resistance welders, CTR12000, CR500DA and CR510. Also below images show various accessories available for welding purposes.

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